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Remarks by Spokesperson of the Chinese Embassy in Latvia on statement of Latvian Ministry of Foreign Affairs regarding China-related cyberspace activities

We have noticed that the Latvian Ministry of Foreign Affairs lately published a statement claiming that the EU and its Member States have assessed that the malicious cyber activities and compromising of the Microsoft Exchange server are undertaken from the territory of the People's Republic of China and call on China to adhere to the framework for responsible state behavior in cyberspace.

I would like to emphasize and point out that China is a staunch defender of cyber security and has always resolutely opposed and cracked down on all forms of cyber crimes in accordance with the law. In fact, China also suffers a lot from cyber attacks and is one of the major targets in global cyber attacks. Safeguarding cyberspace security is a shared responsibility of the international community. All parties should, on the basis of mutual respect and trust, commit to promoting international cooperation in cyber security, jointly combating cyber attacks and espionage, and maintaining an open, safe, and orderly international cyber environment. Facts have proved that cyber security is a complicated global issue, and unwarranted speculation and stigmatization are undesirable, and are not conducive to international cooperation in cyber security.

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