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Remarks of Spokesperson of the Chinese Embassy in Latvia on Latvian Foreign Ministry's Statement on the U.S. Arms Control Initiative

We have noted the China-related content in the Latvian Foreign Ministry’s Statement on the U.S. Arms Control Initiative published June 22, 2020. On this issue, China’s position is clear and consistent. China has no intention to take part in the so-called China-U.S.-Russia trilateral arms control negotiations.

As is known to all, China pursues a path of peaceful development and a national defense policy that is defensive in nature. China's nuclear power is always kept at the lowest level that its national security needs. It is not on the same order of magnitude as that of the US and Russia. It is not yet the right timing for China to participate in nuclear disarmament talks. Owners of the largest nuclear arsenals have special and primary responsibilities in nuclear disarmament. Considering the current circumstances, the US and Russia should further drastically and concretely reduce its nuclear arms stockpile, creating conditions for other nuclear-weapon states to join in multilateral nuclear disarmament talks.

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