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The Chinese Embassy Hosts Happy Chinese New Year Concert

On January 26, 2019, the Chinese Embassy in Latvia and China Cultural Center in Riga co-hosted Happy Chinese New Year Concert 2019 at Great Guild in Riga. Charge d'affaires a.i. of the Embassy Mr. Sun Yinglai attended the concert together with around 600 Latvian government officials, parliament members, business, cultural and media representatives, members of diplomatic corps in Latvia as well as representatives of overseas Chinese, Chinese companies and overseas Chinese students in Latvia.

Mr. Sun extended his warm Chinese New Year greetings to the guests. He said, the Chinese New Year is the most important traditional festival for the Chinese people, which symbolizes family reunion, happiness and auspiciousness and marks the beginning of a new year and the moment of renewal. The past 2018 was a year of historic significance for both China and Latvia. China celebrated the 40th anniversary of reform and opening up while Latvia held its National Centenary Celebration. Latvia-China relationship was at its highest level ever. "Happy Chinese New Year" represented the people-to-people exchange between China and Latvia, and would no doubt make a good start for and contribute to the exchanges between the two countries this year. Mr. Sun voiced confidence that China and Latvia would make joint efforts in the new year to continuously enhance policy communication, infrastructure connectivity, trade and finance facilitation, and people-to-people exchanges and China-Latvia cooperation would achieve more fruitful results.

During the concert, the National Orchestra of Gansu Dance Theatre staged fabulous performances and showed the audience the glamour of Chinese folk music through various musical instruments such as flute, Guzheng, Chinese fiddle and trumpet with music pieces from Charming Flying Apsaras, Colorful Gansu,Spring of Silk Road, etc. Their performances drew warm applause and cheers. The guests expressed their deep admiration for the Chinese artists' proficient skills and the depth of Chinese culture. They also highlighted their stronger confidence in and expectation of the future of Latvia-China cooperation due to their deepened knowledge of Chinese culture through the Happy Chinese New Year celebration.

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