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The Masters of Chinese Landscape Painting Exhibition

On 10 November, 2016, the opening ceremony of the Masters of Chinese Landscape Painting Exhibition was held at the National Library of Latvia. Mr. Uldis Lielpeters, Deputy State Secretary of Ministry of Culture and representatives from the political, media and cultural circles of Latvia, altogether over 100 people attended the ceremony. H.E. Ambassador Mr. Huang Yong addressed the audience.

In his speech, Ambassador Huang pointed out that the Year of 2016 marked the 25th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Latvia and was also the 16+1 People-to-people contact and Cultural Exchanges Year. Several days ago, H.E. Mr.Li Keqiang, Premier of State Council of People’s Republic of China had just visited Latvia and attended the 16+1 Summit Meeting, the visit ended with great success and lifted China-Latvia relations to the highest point in history. Amity between the people held the key to state-to-state relations. He’s confident that this exhibition was sure to play an active role in enabling the Latvian People to understand China better and promote cultural exchange between China and Latvia.

Deputy State Secretary of Ministry of Culture, Mr. Uldis Lielpeters spoke highly of the exhibits on display, and felt great honored that Riga could hold the exhibition. He said that the profound culture covered in the exhibition was the epitome of the magnificent Chinese history, which could help to strengthen the understanding and friendship between two countries.

With the theme of The Masters of Chinese Landscape Painting, the exhibition includes distinguished works of Chinese outstanding painters, Li Xiang, Li Chengxiu, Li Li, Li Jidong, Gao Yugang and Wang Shouxian.

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