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Chinese Ambassador Huang Yong Attended Opening Ceremony of Confucius Classroom of Rezekne University of Applied Sciences

On 15th September 2016, Chinese Ambassador Huang Yong was invited to attend the opening ceremony of Confucius Classroom of Rezekne University of Applied Sciences, one of the biggest universities in eastern Latvia and delivered a speech. He met and exchanged views with Rector Edmunds Teirumnieks, Vice Rector Gunars Strods and CEO of Rezekne Special Economic Zone Sandra Ezmale in the company of professor Peteris Pildegovics and professor Shang Quanyu, respectively Latvian and Chinese Directors of Confucius Institute at the University of Latvia.

Ambassador Huang extended sincere congratulations on the opening of Confucius Classroom of Rezekne University of Applied Sciences on behalf of the Chinese Embassy in Latvia. He noted that the deep interest of local Rezekne people in learning Chinese not only reflected their aspiration for knowledge, but also showed their enthusiasm to know more about China. He expressed his belief that with the opening of Confucius Classroom in Rezekne, the Latvian friends would have more opportunities to learn Chinese and through it better understand China and share opportunities with China, thus being an advocate of Sino-Latvian friendship and mutually beneficial cooperation. Ambassador Huang wished the Classroom great success, encouraged it to cultivate more internationalized talents who master Chinese and understand China and are committed to the construction of China-Latvia friendship mansion.

Rector Teirumnieks thanked the Chinese Embassy for its support of its teaching and emphasized the importance of learning Chinese for the Latvian students and people in light of China’s role as the second largest economy in the world. He said that as the top-level universities in eastern Latvia with part of its majors topping the Baltic area, Rezekne University of Applied Sciences saw the opening of Confucius Classroom as merely the first step of its cooperation with China. The university took great interest in cooperation with Chinese universities and were currently in discussion with some of them on exchange and cooperation. The university welcomed Chinese students to come over for further study and hoped the Confucius Classroom would open a new window for the local people to have more in-depth knowledge of China and contribute to Sino-Latvian friendship.

At the moment, the Confucius Institute develops smoothly in Latvia with 1 established institute and 3 classrooms, more Confucius Classrooms are in application process.

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