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H.E. Mr. Huang Yong, Ambassador of China to Latvia Attended the Friendship Promoting Gathering of Overseas Chinese in Latvia

On August 28, Chinese Ambassador Huang Yong was invited to attend the friendship promoting gathering organized by the Federation of Overseas Chinese in Latvia(FOCL). FOCL President Zhang Zhonglin, the representatives of overseas Chinese and students in Latvia and the staff of the Embassy, together with nearly 200 people were present at the gathering.

In his speech, Ambassador Huang highly praised what FOCL had done in strengthening the solidarity of overseas Chinese in Latvia, and disseminating Chinese culture in Latvia and promoting the people-to-people exchanges between China and Latvia in recent years, expressed his appreciation for the deep affection of hometowns and the motherland among the overseas Chinese in Latvia, briefed the latest developments of Sino-Latvian relations, pointed out that the economic and trade cooperation and people-to-people exchanges between China and Latvia would present a more broad prospect with Premier Li Keqiang's official visit to Latvia and attending the fifth "16 + 1" leaders meeting in the beginning of November this year, encouraged overseas Chinese in Latvia to strengthen mutual contacts and help each other and develop together, exhorted them to respect the local customs, to comply with Latvian laws and regulations, to run enterprises in compliance with the law, to try to integrate into the local community and to make contributions to promoting the people-to-people exchanges and trade between China and Latvia. Ambassador Huang reiterated that the Embassy would continue to serve overseas Chinese in Latvia wholeheartedly and safeguard their legitimate rights and interests by adhering to the principle of "people oriented, diplomacy for the people".

During the gathering, President Zhang Zhonglin expressed his thanks to the Embassy for giving support to the work of FOCL, having concern about and extending decades of assistance to overseas Chinese in Latvia, said that FOCL would further keep closer communication and contact with the embassy, cooperate with the Embassy to do the work of organization, communication and service involved in Latvian Overseas Chinese, encourage them to study Latvian language and law and regulations, respect Latvian traditions and customs, actively integrate into local community while making preparation for Premier Li Keqiang’s official visit to Latvia.

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