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H.E. Ambassador Huang Yong attended the Inaugural Ceremony of China Alumni Association of Latvia

On August 24, H.E. Mr. Huang Yong, Ambassador of China to Latvia was invited to attend the inaugural meeting of China Alumni Association of Latvia (CAAL) and delivered a speech. Mr. Andrejs Pildegovičs, State Secretary of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Latvia, Ms.Karina Jermaka, President of CAAL,Professor Shang Quanyu, Chinese Director of the Confucius Institute at the University of Latvia, Mr.Zhang Zhonglin, President of the Federation of Overseas Chinese in Latvia, and members of CAAL, the grantees of 2016/2017 Chinese Government Scholarship and media reporters,together with nearly 100 guests were present at the event.

In his speech, Ambassador Huang highly praised the significance of the establishment of CAAL in the deepening process of Sino-Latvian relations, pointed out that the economic and trade cooperation and people-to-people exchanges between China and Latvia will present a more broad prospects with Premier Li Keqiang's official visit to Latvia and attending the fifth "16 + 1" leaders meeting in the beginning of November this year, hoped that CAAL will give full play to its unique advantages of information and contacts to efficiently and swiftly establish and complete the information tank of China Alumni of Latvia, make efforts to polymerize the wisdom and strength of young students in various fields between the two countries, timely converge, reserve and train the high-caliber bilingual professionals for Sino-Latvian Friendship Mansion in the spirit of old Sinologues dedicated to promoting Sino-Latvian friendship,encourage the fresh batch of Latvian students to study in China to learn Chinese well, improve professional skills and join CAAL as early as possible to take on the glorious mission of promoting people-to-people exchanges between China and Latvia. Ambassador Huang reiterated that the Embassy will continue to create opportunities and strive to increase the quota of Chinese Government Scholarship and cultivate professionals in all fields for Latvia through short-term and oriented training and other ways.

During the event, State Secretary Pildegovičs expressed his thanks to the Chinese government for cultivating a large number of talents in the field of languages, technology and management for Latvia for a long time while pleasantly recalling his own experiences of studying in China and the development history of junior and old Sinologues team in Latvia. He pointed out that there is a great potential for cooperation between Latvia and China, hoped that CAAL will unceasingly increase its members and play an active and timely role for the incessant cooperation between Latvia and China.

President Karina said that learning Chinese has changed her life, studying in China has made many of her dreams come true. She emphasized that she will share her successful experiences and happiness with all the members of CAAL in the future, and do her best to build CAAL into a kinship family of unity, friendship and mutual aid, sharing the Olympic spirit of "faster, higher, stronger" to make contributions to the bright future of Sino-Latvian friendship.

Since the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Latvia in 1991, especially with China's "One Belt, One Road" (OBOR) initiative receiving support and participation of more and more countries along the route including Latvia, China and Latvia has been accelerating the pace of pragmatic cooperation in the fields of economic and trade, transport and logistics, tourism, people-to-people exchanges and so on based on "16 + 1" cooperation platform. To adapt to the new situation and demand of deepening cooperation between the two countries, and better reserve and train bilingual professionals, since the second half of 2015 the Embassy and Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Latvia held frequent consultations and decided to jointly initiate and support the establishment of CAAL. According to incomplete statistics, since Latvia sent the first batch of students to China in 1998, up to now there have been more than 200 students to study in China through Chinese Government Scholarship, Confucius Institute Scholarship, the local government scholarships, and intercollegiate exchanges,etc. They respectively went in for the short-term training or engaged in long-term study in pursuit of the degrees of Bachelor, Master or Doctor in China in the fields of Chinese, tourism, economics and trade, business administration, architecture, medicine and others.

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