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With a Chinese lion dance a photo exhibition "Unseen China" has been opened

“China has 56 ethnic groups with more than 5000 years’ history. Although foreigners think that they get to know China better year by year, yet the real China is far to be known and understood by the world”, said Ambassador Yang Guoqiang at the opening ceremony of the photo exhibition “Unseen China”. The photo show in Spice Shopping Complex (2nd floor) will be on display until September 1. The exhibition consists of many large-scale photographs that show fabulous Chinese scenery and unique shots of the ethnic people everyday life.

"This exhibition from several points of view shows us the unknown China, invites everyone to approach this ancient and at the same time modern country. We carefully selected pictures that cover different regions of China, ethnicity and natural landscapes, culture, religion, social life," Mr. Ambassador explained the concept of the exhibition, believed they shall provide rich perspectives for audiences to explore China, and in particular serve as a unique chance to learn about Tibet of China. The traditional Chinese Lion dance and musical performance by Rolands Udris helped the audience to get in the oriental mood at the opening ceremony.

"In the last few years we see in Riga more and more Chinese people, year by year increases the number of Latvian people who travel to China, but so far we have managed to discover just a small fraction of the country’s charm. So I am delighted that we are able to give the opportunity to our visitors to see and explore China from a new point of view," at the opening ceremony said Ms. Iveta Lace, the Director of the Spice Shopping Complex.

"We live in a modern world and, thanks to modern communication and travel options, Latvia and China is actually much closer to each other than it might seem at the first moment. Also geographically we’re almost neighbors since only one country is between us. This exhibition is a great opportunity to get to know China's diversity, country’s cultural values. The better we get to know each other, the more successful the business contacts that will be and all together it will facilitate mutual business projects and investment which will lead us to prosperity," said Mr. Artis Kampars, Chairman of the Latvia China Business Council.

The exhibition is organized by the Embassy of the People's Republic of Latvian in collaboration with Spice Shopping Complex, China news agency Xinhua Riga office and Latvian - China Business Council.

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