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The Chinese Embassy in Latvia Holds A Reception to Mark the 86th Anniversary of PLA Founding

On the evening of July 24, the Chinese Embassy in Latvia held a reception to celebrate the 86th anniversary of the founding of the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA). The reception was hosted by Senior Colonel Zhang Yuanqiu, Military, Naval and Air Attaché.

Mr. Yang Guoqiang, Ambassador to China in Latvia, Brigader General Juris Zeibarts, Deputy Commander & Chief of Staff of Headquarters of Latvian National Armed Forces, Jānis Sārts ,State Secretary of Latvian MoD, Latvian MOD and NAF officials and representatives from the State Police,local press, academia and business, Defense Attaches accredited to Latvia, staffs of the Embassy and the representatives of overseas Chinese community in Latvia together with over 70 guests were present at the reception.

In his remarks, Sr. Col. Zhang briefly looked back on the PLA's 86 years of growth under the firm leadership of the Communist Party of China, and briefed the audiences the outstanding contributions the PLA has made in achieving the national independence and people’s liberation, safeguarding national sovereignty, security and territorial integrity as well as advancing China’s economic and social development, focused a significant part of the Diversified Employment of China's Armed Forces,and also talked about the progress achieved by the PLA in modernization compaign in the new historical era and its active participation in international peace-keeping, escort operation in the Gulf of Aden and HADR operations in recent years. Over the past year, the pragmatic defense cooperation and mutual exchanges between China and Latvia has been reasonably effective, the first successful high-level mutual visits and exchanges at other levels between the two defense ministers, had raised bilateral and military-to-military relations to new heights.

The guests extended their congratulation to the host on the founding anniversary of the PLA and expressed his appreciation for PLA's constructive role in maintaining world peace and regional stability. They wished that Latvia and China further strengthen the friendship and cooperation in various fields and hoped for continuous development of the bilateral relations.

A video on the PLA of today was played . Pictures showing the achievements in the modernization process of PLA were displayed at the reception . Books, picture album , audio and video products about the performing diversified missions to PLA were given out.

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